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Mindset & Autoimmune

Mindset and Autoimmune

How are you feeling today?

How are you observing your thoughts on your well-being journey of mindset and autoimmune?

Whenever you have an autoimmune condition your symptoms are not always visible.  In essence, mindset is key to helping you support your nervous system, also helps you with your autoimmune conditions and daily challenges that you may come up against.

Everything beings with a thought. Both our mindset and autoimmune conditions play a vital role in what brings on a flare of whatever that autoimmune condition may be.

I am a perfect example of this. Having had personal experiences of a ‘flare’ on more than one occasion, it is therefore always important to think in a positive way because this changes our response to a situation, person or what is going inside our body.

Remember a flare can be the result of stress, mood swings, uneasiness and it is also due to the cognitive process. So, therefore, be mindful of these causes and observant of which of these conditions affects you most.

It may not always be easy to change or adapt your responses, so what do you have in place to support your mindset. The shift in your mindset can have a huge impact.

Click here to watch a short video from Carol Dweck on Growth Mindset

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Yoga and growth mindset.

Yoga and meditation helps you –

      • To your notice which thoughts are appearing often
      • Helping to keep you clam
      • Increase your body strength
      • Release tension in the body
      • Get greater clarity
      • Helping you build trust

No matter what is going on in your body one things that we can make a difference with is your mindset, so that you are powerful, energetic, and steadfast.

The way in which you think will change your response to a situation or person.

Now Let’s take a look at some yoga poses.

Mountain Pose to Support Mindset and Autoimmune
Photography By Zoe Cooper www.zoecooperphotography.co.uk

Mountain Pose, Is an excellent pose for grounding and strengthen your legs, also for bringing awareness of body-mind connection, also keeping you in present and calm your nervous system.


Cobra Pose to Support Mindset and Autoimmune
Photography By Zoe Cooper www.zoecooperphotography.co.uk

Cobra Pose, Opens your chest and lungs, massage the heart, relieve tension and helps to bring about changes in your mood.

Warrior Two to Support Mindset and Autoimmune
Photography By Zoe Cooper www.zoecooperphotography.co.uk

Warrior Two, Brings together all of the benefits of both mountain and Cobra. This is a very good pose because it not only strengthens your body, opening your hips, helps to ground, helps you to focus, and once again opens your lungs.

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Mindset and Journal Time.

It is a wonderful practice to substantially reduce stress, examination of oneself and healing your emotions.  It is where you get to explore your thoughts, record your gratitude, events and set intentions. There is no right or wrong way to start your journal. Keeping a journal allows you the opportunity to reflect on the problem, how to resolve them and reduce stress. Which will then reassure that voice within you that you are safe.

It helps you to become more aware of the positives, daily intentions and starting to be more in the flow of life.

I came across the following quote –

8 Ways To Declutter Your Mind

  1. Accept what is
  2. Be kind to yourself
  3. Release your guilt and fears
  4. Let go of control
  5. Visualize what’s important to you
  6. Focus on your life-force energy
  7. Allow yourself to be vulnerable
  8. Find out what’s does not serve or interest you and let it go.

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