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Mental Benefits Of Yoga

Mental Benefits Of Yoga

Saturday Was World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day is about raising awareness concerning mental health issues worldwide. It is the encouragement of ongoing discussions on illnesses, the prevention and treatment services. Hence today’s blog is to share the wonderful and amazing mental benefits of yoga.

What is Mental Health?

Specifically refers to your psychological and emotional well-being.

The Mental Health Foundation highlights that ‘Mental Health is everybody’s business’, and yet not widely spoken about.

What are the signs of mental health?

From my observation the warning signs of mental disorder in family, friends or anyone attending one of my classes could be hidden.

These symptoms/signs take great strength to overcome therefore yoga practices may be beneficial both to you and to a person undergoing mental health issues.

May you be a friend or carer to someone with mental health concerns your mental health is also extremely important.

Some warning signs to look out for –

      • Excessive eating or sleeping (or you might notice that they are at the other end of the spectrum) they are not sleeping of eating enough
      • Lacking energy
      • Negative self-talk
      • Lack clarity
      • Absent-minded/Forgetful
      • Self-isolation
      • Anxiety
      • Anger
      • Uneasy
      • Fearful
      • Fluctuating mood

Mental Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga benefits for mental health

Yoga is wonderful, soothing, relaxing and calming it connects body and mind. Using yoga as part of your self-care helps enhance mental health, well-being, relieve depression, anxiety, and boost your immune system .

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Yoga stimulates your blood circulation, helps oxygen flow in the body and brain, and supports relaxation.

In addition to having a nourishing yoga practice for your all round self-care routine in place to look after your mental health or support a family member or friends is key.

      • Nutrition – Fuel your body – Healthy Eating
      • Communication/listening – Non judgemental – Being open, to listen/ask for support
      • Hydration – Water rather than alcohol
      • Hobbies – Taking part in activities that bring enjoyment or trying new activities and taking small steps
      • Journaling  – Click here read more on journaling

Mental Health And Yoga
To cultivate a soothing, nourishing, and relaxing yoga practice to support your mental well-being.
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Yoga practices are equally important in helping your mental health but also gives you the strength, energy and the courage to help both friends and family under going mental health issues due to loss of work, the present pandemic or some other personal issues.

Encouraging yoga practices may be of great value to someone with mental health issues so why not be an advocate of yoga to that special person.

Resources on Mental Health Benefits

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