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Wishing to improve your sleep

Wishing to improve your sleep

Sleep is undoubtedly important to your health, furthermore there are numerous reason why you may not be getting a good night’s sleep. Subsequently, wishing to improve your sleep.

Some of these reasons can also be linked to three of my latest blogs ~

Yoga to help sleep.

“Sleeping patterns vary”.

When I experienced issues with my sleep in 1999, what helped me after a visit to my doctor at that time was yoga and mediation.

All things considered I had to be consistent with yoga and meditation. In essence it made a phenomenal difference to my sleep. Henceforth I was relaxed, slept through the night, and had great awareness of the improvement.

In 2012 during pregnancy my sleep was affected.  Following the death of my father and the birth of my son in 2013 my sleep was severely affected and I was unable to keep up with both yoga and meditation which helped me previously.

Once again I was wishing to improve my sleep. It proved to me consistency with both yoga and meditation were key to helping me improve my sleep.

Between 2016 and 2018 I attend two teacher trainings the first being Yoga for Insomnia and the second, Relax and Renew Restorative™.

They have both made a great difference to my sleep.  I love sharing aspects of my trainings in my classes.

Along with using both trainings to help with my sleep I also created a night routine, so I had a much more holistic approach to my teaching.

Better Sleep.

Sleep is extremely important when you or someone you know have mental health issues, an autoimmune condition or hormonal concerns.

Having a goods night’s sleep will help to improve your ~

    • Memory
    • Fight infections
    • Lowers your blood pressure
    • Keep calm and very focus
    • Being Alert

Yoga for Sleep

As I  mentioned above, for yoga to support your sleep it requires consistency, determination and you putting aside self-care time for yourself.

A consistent practice of yoga will help you de-stress, be more relaxed and refreshed for the next day

Seeing the Benefits
Create a night routine to improve your sleep

    • Yoga and meditation regularly
    • Exercise Routine
    • Not consuming caffeine late in the day
    • Reducing blue light exposure in the evening
    • Reducing alcohol late at night
    • Have a warm bath
    • Reducing Noise
    • No artificial Light
    • Avoid late evening meal
    • Being consistent with sleep and wake up time

Subsequently your self-care routine will result in sleeping longer, falling asleep faster. You will fall back to sleep easily if you wake up during the night for any reason.

With this in mind to support your sleep and self-care click here to book your online class.

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