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Two weeks ago I attend a fearless challenge by FEA (Female Entrepreneur Association).

It was an amazing experience on mindset, visualisation, self-development, daily rituals, and on planning how I would like my business and life to be.

It’s momentous how we get stuck in our ways.  How we allow others/situations to have a negative impact how we lead our lives, and what is possible for us.

This year has required each and everyone of us to adapt to change. Whether we liked it or not. Some of which has not been in our control.

Taking Control.

How about the changes that you are in control of, but maybe did not do anything about it because of fear or judgement.

The fearless challenge was very emotional. It made me realise some of my most deepest fears stem back from when I was 8 years old.  As I have grown up I have been able to overcome some of those fears, however some have kept me stuck.

Implementing online yoga teaching has its excitement and at the same time its challenges. One of my most recent fears was showing up on zoom, however I was able to increase my knowledge about the technology used to further develop my business.  Wow, a few months later I have the occasional moment of nervousness when the technology does not work as required, but fearlessly I persist with the situation and I am able to master the issues that may occur.

I am currently overcoming my fear of being visible on social media that is Instagram and Facebook. You can currently find me on Instagram @shakeyourcoreyoga  on a Friday morning at 8am teaching a 15 minute flow yoga. I will be soon setting up my very 1st Facebook group and will be holding lives within the group.

This is just the beginning of my online journey. We all have moments of fear even the most successful people.  To overcome our fears we need to be consistent, know what we want  to achieve, and work towards our desires to achieve this practice with gratitude.

4 Tips To Being Fearless

There are many different mediums that you could use to overcome the fear.

  • A major one is the people you surround yourself with.
  • Taking small steps to trying one new thing daily.
  • Uplifting positive books and films.
  • Having a plan in place is very helpful to outline your goals, and how you would like to feel about your life.


To All Female Entrepreneurs Building A Business New or Established


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