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Welcome, my name is Jacqueline!

May my classes be online, group, corporate, schools, nurseries, one to one or chair yoga my aim is to help you thrive on your journey of wellness and discovery.

I love sharing the joys, wonders and benefits of yoga.

Supporting you if you have an autoimmune disease, which there are over 80+ or one of the following triggers that if they persist over time can cause autoimmune disease(s).

    • Sleepless nights/Insomnia
    • Fatigue
    • Joint Pain
    • Toxic Load
    • Hormone imbalance
    • Certain Foods

These are just a few autoimmune triggers.

Supporting your health and well-being.

We help you find ease and freedom to bring you joy and support your immune system in body, mind and spirit while empowering you to invest in your self-care.

    • Move from fatigue to     increased energy.  Promoting good circulation.
    • Move from joint pain to   moving with greater ease and less pain.
    • Move from sleepless nights to   to improved sleep to get that full nights rest the body craves.
    • Negative self talk to   uplifting your mindset with compassion, patience and healing.

      You will have access to –

My Journey.

My journey started in the summer of 2001, at that time I was working as a software tester at a very busy company.  I had been meditating for 3 years and wanted to do a form of relaxation that complemented my meditation, so I decided to attend a yoga class.  After my 1st yoga class, I was so relaxed that I was inspired to start attending classes twice a week.  Being a software tester was stressful.  

I started to share what I was learning with my mum and those poses were easing her back pain.  She found the way that I taught her to be helpful and she felt I was calm, patient and helpful, and she suggested I undertake my teacher training.

I became calmer and relaxed both at home and at work.  I found that simply breathing practices helped me to reduce my stress.  Practising yoga gives me strength, energy, peace of mind, happiness and tranquillity. 

As the years went by following the birth of my son I developed several autoimmune diseases.  The most recent being psoriasis.  I have become more interested in sharing my knowledge and skills in supporting your health and well-being. 

I love inspiring others in their yoga practice and continuing my self-development.

Self-Care, Yoga, Yoga Strength

My family’s support has been very important.  It has been wonderful seeing how my teaching has benefited them to ease aches, pains and stress.  Yoga also helps my son to develop a sense of relaxation, and calm and helps his concentration.  

Engaging my family on my journey has helped me grow in purpose to help you as a student of yoga.

I love dancing, going to the theatre, cooking and trying new recipes, reading, more recently on autoimmune conditions, and how we can reduce inflammation in our body, and I also enjoy working out at the gym.

It is a pleasure and a joy to teach yoga and to be a part of your lives. 

Supporting your Immune system takes many avenues and you do not need to do this on your own. 

If you would like to empower your journey in supporting your immune system, lead a full and active life.

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