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Autoimmune and Confidence


When having conversations about autoimmune conditions, a topic that comes up is confidence. 

So what is self-confidence?  

The dictionary quotes self-confidence as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

For many with an autoimmune condition, it often affects how they feel and their judgement about themselves. There will be concerns about the symptoms, medication, and the effects of how to manage their condition could also include depression and anxiety.

The effects of medication can bring on numerous emotions, along with fear of judgement. Each condition affects different parts of the body from muscle, and joint pain, swelling, fatigue, sleep issues, weakness, hair loss are just a few to mention.

It can bring on a feeling of no control and isolation.

How they affect your confidence from overwhelming, sadness, self-doubt and being unworthy can also be a significant trigger to flare-ups, which may be causing you to hide from family, friends, going out in public. Overall, controlling how you choose to live your life. 

So, how are you taking control and stepping into your most powerful self to build your confidence?


One of the many tools that support me daily is meditation.

Meditation calms your mind and body. 

It’s tranquil, heightens your sense of awareness, helps you to have greater clarity. Strengthens your mindset, health, well-being and coping skills.

It is also a time of reflection. A journey to ascertaining the root cause of your feelings, and where you get to let go of the control/negative thoughts. 

You start to use the clarity gained to ground you, and with consistency, you have a greater appreciation for yourself.

Meditating will help you recognise your negative dialogue, self-comparison, and give you the strength to replace that dialogue with positive thoughts and habits.

It will create more balance and energy in your life. You will become more in tune with how best to manage your autoimmune condition (dietary, lifestyle, and environmental changes). 

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