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Multiple Autoimmune Conditions

Multiple Autoimmune Conditions

In my last blog I wrote about living with an autoimmune condition. This weeks blog is about multiple autoimmune conditions. It is common that if you have one autoimmune condition that you can have another.

My own conditions are Uveitis, Streptococcus B (Strep B) in pregnancy and the most recent is Psoriasis.


Living with multiple autoimmune conditions is called polyautoimmunity, that is three or more conditions. Research is being carried out to understand why someone may have more than one condition. Scientists have agreed that there is a link between environmental and genetics.

Though I have three different autoimmune conditions. It is only recently that I realised that Uveitis and Group Strep B are also autoimmune conditions.

Every condition requires a different specialist. Uveitis requires an eye specialist, Group Strep B in pregnancy an obstetrician, and psoriasis requires an dermatologist.

They did not realise that I had Group Strep B, it is not routinely tested for during pregnancy.  Although certain results were indicating that something was going on in my body.

At the beginning of my pregnancy and postnatally I had Uveitis.

After being discharged home following the birth of son I became very ill and developed a high temperature. We were both readmitted to hospital where I received treatment for the Group Strep B.

The combination meant steroid eye drops for 8 weeks, and a high dose of antibiotic, which involved blood tests everyday to determine whether I needed a further dose of intravenous antibiotics. I also had a reaction to the very 1st type of antibiotics prescribed.

Researching How Best To Support My Well-being.

Genetics is the study of your genetic make up which you inherit from your parents. I am aware of the autoimmune conditions that exist within my family.  These cannot be able to changed, however I can make certain adjustments to support my well-being.

Environmental, relates to the world around you.  I now look at what is impacting me on a daily basis.

Examples of which I have made are moving to natural alternatives for my skin and hair.

Having an allergy I also use natural household products.  Make my own body wash, soap, household multi-purpose, glass and mirror cleaning agents, and also gradually changing my dietary habits.

I compliment my dietary changes, toiletries and household products along with yoga.  Yoga supports my mental well-being, and heightens my awareness.  I love sharing my experience and love yoga, my growing knowledge of how you can make a difference in supporting your immune system.

With this in mind to support your self-care and well-being
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