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The Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has phenomenal health benefits. When you meditate, what you’re doing is allowing your brain to focus on one thing at a time. If you find yourself with a million thoughts flying around, meditation is a great way to calm everything down.

Breathe! Just… Breathe…

The easiest way to start meditating is by sitting still and focusing on your breathing. Focus on drawing your breath into your belly via your diaphragm and relax your shoulders. This method of breathing has 2 benefits. Firstly, it can help relax tense back and shoulder muscles. Secondly, it gives your brain something to focus on. You’ll notice that after a few minutes of this breathing exercise, you stop hearing the disturbance around you.

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Managing Anxiety, Not Masking It

If you are experiencing anxiety, meditation is a great way to find relief. Unlike taking a pill, meditation guides you to confront whatever causes your anxiety in a positive way. It allows your brain to manage the anxiety until whatever is worrying you can exist in your mind without causing you stress. By not allowing your brain to obsess over a problem and run away with worst-case scenarios, having a regular meditation practice enables you to fill your mind with benevolent thoughts, hence you stop masking that period of anxiety. When you stop fighting the anxious thoughts, the obsessive loop is broken and the anxiety disappears.

Physiological Benefits

Other health benefits of meditation are a result of relaxation and getting rid of anxiety. Stress levels will drop, which in turn decreases cortisol levels. This stress hormone can weaken your immune system, so having less of it means you won’t get sick as easily. Meditation lowers your heart rate and improves your circulation. All in all allowing you to live a healthier life style.

Once you become accustomed to the process of meditating and getting your thoughts in order, try it out during a more stressful situation. You’ll find that you’re able to calm yourself faster and be able to logically think about a solution instead of lashing out with emotions. And that is the goal of meditation. Meditation does nott solve your problems however, it frees up your mind by giving you the tools to solve your problems.

Meditation For An Autoimmune Condition

Living with an autoimmune condition can be extremely stressful. Research has shown that there is also a link to depression and increased stress. Meditation reduces your stress levels allowing you to be more in the present. It heightens your awareness, and you become more positive.

Tips For Meditation

  1. Know that it is your self-care time, and you are making time for you
  2. Every meditation will be different, so do not have an expectation of what you think it should be like
  3. Sit in a space where you will be safe, warm and comfortable. If you prefer a chair rather than sitting cross legged, then sit on a chair
  4. Be open to whatever you may experience during your meditation

With this in mind to support your self-care and well-being

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