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Toxic And Autoimmune Conditions

Toxins and Autoimmune conditions

In this blog, we are going to focus on toxins and autoimmune conditions. All things considered, there are some toxins that we can eliminate. However, the removal of some toxins requires more significant resources and funds.

Several environmental determinants can be the cause of an autoimmune condition. 

A percentage may account for genetics. A higher per cent can come from stress, hormones, infections, diet, toxins and many more.

What changes can you make?

Here are just a few.

But, you might say, this is expensive? 

Consider what you think would be your priorities in eliminating toxins.

I had already started making changes to my toiletries, and household cleaning products a few years prior, before knowing that I had an autoimmune condition.  

Currently, I make my soap, body wash, body scrub, handwash, multi-purpose, glass and mirror clean and disinfectant. You might choose to buy rather than make your own.

If you are not sure of what toxins to look out for check out the following ~

EWG’s Skin Deep

Hello Natural Living

With this in mind, I try to keep the number of toxic products in the bathroom to a minimum. You may find that those changes are dependent on the entire family. There is a lot of products you will probably find that you can remove from your daily use.

So, my priority after reading Dr Amy Myers book, The Autoimmune Solution it has just been in the last few months that I have put in place a plan regarding toxins and my autoimmune conditions on what I was eating. Dr Amy Myers covers a phenomenal, number of ways to support and help you reverse your autoimmune conditions.

Hence, it takes time, consistency and being mindful of your individual choices.



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