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Yesterday, was valentine’s day. The day to celebrate your love of another. A respectful and joyful relationship thrives on self-love.

Self-love – appreciation of oneself.

Regardless if you are supporting an autoimmune condition, your immune system needs boosting, levelling-up your nutrition, working on de-stress,

Ultimately, it is living well and self-acceptance.  All things considered, It is by having self-love you care for all aspects of your well-being. 

We all create different daily routines for ourselves. 

What is one of your routines like?

Self-love is that me-time, the time you set your healthy boundaries and put yourself first.  

Many might say that “putting your self first is selfish. However, to continually give to others, family, friends, colleagues anything it is necessary to fill your cup up first. When you do this you will always come from a place of strength first, find greater ease, and find the tenacity to overcome obstacles.

How do you master self-love?

  • Self-love is a journey that you practice daily.
  • Nurture your mind by keeping positive and surround yourself with like-minded people. People who uplift you.
  • Take time to show gratitude daily.
  • Nourishing your body with food that boosts your immune system and gives you energy, so that you flourish.
  • Moving your body daily allows you to strengthen and energize yourself
  • Do the things that bring you joy.

Online Virtual Day Retreat

On 27th February 2021, I will be hosting an Online Virtual Retreat.

A retreat to help you grow, transform and support your wellness journey in the comfort of your home.

The day that will encompass mindset & journaling, meditation to calm your mind and bring inner peace, yoga to gently move your body, stretch and strengthen. The afternoon will be commenced with you preparing a plant-based lunch guided over zoom.

After a nutritious lunch, you will receive nutrition guidance to support your immune system and hormone balance.

Late afternoon you will move on to practice restorative yoga to aid deep relaxation. The day will end with a bath ritual and essential oil session.

In essence, a day of self-love, allowing you to blossom and have additional tools to support your self-care routine. Cultivating patients, to support you through challenging times, and to heighten your awareness.

To learn more about self-love and wellness book your day retreat.  Click below to book your day retreat click below.

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Just Love Yourself: 5 Must-Know Self-Love Techniques (mindvalley.com)

To boost your immune system and to release your stress.

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