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Living With Autoimmune Conditions
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Living with Autoimmune Conditions

My passion and drive is sharing the joys and wonders of yoga, which has many phenomenal benefits.  I have been living with autoimmune conditions since 2007.

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition after a succession of different illnesses. In fact I have three autoimmune conditions.

“If you are diagnosed with one autoimmune condition it is quite common that you maybe diagnosed with another one”

I had put my trust in the medical profession to have all the answers, after birth of my son there were implications for us both.

More Than One Autoimmune Condition

Surprisingly, it takes a very long time to get a diagnosis for an autoimmune condition. The Doctor will often give the name of the condition, but very rarely will say it is an autoimmune condition. This is no fault of theirs, but how the system works.

The most recent autoimmune condition for me has been Psoriasis, which has resulted in alopecia.  The dermatologist will prescribe medication, and off I went. For many people and cases no matter which autoimmune condition you have their prescription is on a repeat programme with follow up hospital visits.

It was not until I had a conversation with a friend about the condition, who said, “ you do know that psoriasis is an autoimmune condition”. She sent me details of a book titled the ’Autoimmune Solution’. That’s when my research began on how I can take control back and step into my most powerful self.

I looked at my lifestyle on a much deeper level because I wanted to understand how I could continually boost my immune system, mindset, thrive and live a more holistic lifestyle not just living continually on repeat medications.

Life Changes

Tools that have been extremely significant were my self-care by boosting my relaxation, to be more focused. My research involved me looking and making changes to my mindset, reduce stress and a change in nutrition.

Now that I am aware of how to support my mindset and body, I have been able to reduce my medication to a minimum dose and have been discharged from future hospital visits by the Doctor.  For me, my scalp is now healthy and my hair is growing nicely.

It is very important to know that there is not a cure for an autoimmune condition, however it is what you have in place to support your well-being and reduce stress in order to keep those flares/triggers to a minimum.

Therefore being able to live a happier, and healthier lifestyle.

On 25th January 2021. I will be hosting a 7 Days Challenge. 

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7 Days Free Challenge.

The challenge is aimed at giving you tools to nurture your mind and body to keep your stress levels at a minimum, boost your immune system and mindset.

The challenge will allow you to take time to practice restorative yoga poses, which aid deep rest and relaxation. Each pose will be practiced for 15 to 20 minutes.

Because you are unable to limit all stress, you can put into place practices that to support your well-being, which will start to lower your cortisol levels and support your nervous system.

During the seven days you will build a practice that you will be able to use daily, and that is convenient to your own routine

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