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7 Days Free Challenge
Taking Control And Stepping Into Your Most Powerful Self.


We are living in times of uncertainty, and challenge comes in many different ways.

As we step into a New Year, how are you up-levelling your life?

What are your current struggles/pain points.

We all respond to challenges in different ways. Some may respond from fear or anxiety, another individual may respond from a place of strength.

However, it is important not to judge, as there are many ways to overcome different challenges.

When we open up to our challenges it teaches us strength.  However, to thrive it is important that we do it when it is right for us, and not be forced.

Challenge And Autoimmune Condition.

There are numerous autoimmune conditions.

Each one has many different challenges.

All of which bring up so many emotions from being overwhelmed, infuriated, or even embarrassed.

My intention is to supply continued support to the community who have autoimmune conditions, as well anyone who require help boosting their immune system with weekly classes, retreats and workshop to boost your immune system and overall well-being.

Moreover, helping you to commit to your goals, and motivate you to turn actions into enduring habits.

Taking Control And Stepping Into Your Most Powerful Self.

On the 25th January 2021 I will be hosting a free challenge.

It is for those of you who are ready to start your journey to wellness, reduce being overwhelmed, suffering from emotional stress, tiredness, and reduce pain that trigger your autoimmune condition.

Also to change your old habits, and put into place a self-care practice to support you on your journey to staying healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Over the 7 days we will look at mindset, a breathing practice, yoga and restorative yoga poses.

The key is to  support the nervous system, also helps with autoimmune conditions and daily challenges that you may come up against.

Everything begins with a thought. Both our mindset and autoimmune conditions play a vital role in what brings on a flare of whatever that autoimmune condition may be.

Breathing practice, yoga and restorative yoga poses to aid deep rest and relaxation.

There will be a Facebook Group to build community.

I will host daily lives where you will be able to ask questions. There will be replays for you to view if you were unable to take part in the live sessions.

If you are looking to Take Control And Step Into Your Most Powerful Self this challenge is definitely for you.

Click here to sign up to 7 days free challenge.

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