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Shake Your Core Yoga - Yoga Photography
Photography By Zoe Cooper www.zoecooperphotography.co.uk

Yoga Photography

Hello, if you are visiting my website for the first time,


Today I am sharing my experiences of yoga photography for my website and social media. Firstly, the morning was spent with the fabulous Zoë Copper @zoecoopercommercial who is a professional photographer, one of my yoga students and a fellow business owner.

The day was filled with excitement, however having my photos taken for my website and social media, gave me an opportunity to look at “A day in the life” of Zoë Cooper.

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Yoga Photography Preparation

Prior to my photography shoot I was amazed at the amount of preparation involved.

Therefore these included thinking about yoga poses, the location and yoga outfits.

The level of detailed planning Zoë had in place was phenomenal.

As a yoga teacher and student of yoga when you step on your mat there is detail in how you choose to set your foundation, move, flow and breathe.

Zoë’s plan for the day included angles, colours, location, sun, shade, portrait, and landscape photos.

Your yoga practice is divine with many perspectives, angles and locations.  In the room, mood and in your practice you can feel very different depending on all those aspects.

Yoga guides you through the light and shade of life. Empowering your response to daily challenges, embracing joy and appreciation.

As I took the tags off my new yoga pants I was moved by the following words listed the following on one of the tag –






POSSIBILITY IN ACTION (beyondyoga.com)


Zoë was very professional, and at the same time full of fun.  Zoë demonstrated all of the above qualities with ease, grace, and confidence as she took my photos, and made one of my wildest business dreams possible.

Zoë’s planning, organisational skills and questions created an abundance of peace and tranquillity may we be taking photos inside her home or as we strolled through the woods to one of Zoë’s planned routes.

Yoga means “union” or “unite”. My session with Zoë was a union of me on the mat and Zoë off the mat both bringing together breath, movement, discipline and harmony.

The beautifully displayed colours in the woods, created by the plants, trees with green and brown leaves, and with some plants ready for autumn were fantastic.

Shake Your Core Yoga Yoga Photography

When the sun was shining it was glorious.  It looked like one of those grand and glorious days in the tropics which fills one with unaccountable joy and satisfaction.

Autumnal Equinox

 In just a few days we will be in the autumnal equinox.

This is a great time to turn your attention inwards, reflect and deepen your focus.

Yoga Poses to practice to support you at this time are –

Easy pose – This practice brings calm,  tranquility and grounds and lengthens you. If you have knee or hip concerns ensure you use some support or make adjustments to support your body.

Warrior poses –  Is a practice you can use to support your focus, discipline, balance and strength.

Tree pose – Is helpful to improve strength, balance and concentration.

Yoga to reflect and turn your attention inwards

My photography shoot was a combination of the benefits of all the above poses which brought together creativity and art.

To join me on your mat, to support your immune system, find peace and tranquility, releive stress and let your inner strength shine.

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Sharing the love, on yoga photography and to read more click the link to read Aille’s blog from The Journey Junkie https://www.thejourneyjunkie.com/

If you are a business or organisation looking to update your photos you can contact Zoë on Instagram or via her Website –



Thank you, Zoë for your dedication, kindness, energy, fun, expertise, and service you provided.

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